Kolida Surveying Instruments Total Station KTS-442L ( 2018 Version )

Models:KTS-442L ( 2018 Version )
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Long Distance Measurement
Newly developed EDM Measures 5,000m with single prism, 8000-10,000m with 3 prisms.
Absolute Encoding Disc
on angle measurement, absolute encoding is a qualitative leap from Raster Disc.
All in One Board
In EDM, only one board responses for distance measurement Easy to repair and completely gets rid of signal interference
Rubber Circle for Industrial Proof
Most of parts are protected by rubber ring water and dust proof on site (P55Class)
Laser Plummet
The laser ponter will project on the ground No need for inconvenient observation through the optical plummet Much easier to adjust it
Extendable Memory
internal memory 4M storage is able to store 40000 point External 32G SD card No worry for short of memory space