Kolida Rotary Laser 140

Models:Rotary Laser 140
TRL143(red)/TRL143G(green), TRL144( red )/TRL144G(green), TRL145(RED)/TRL145G(green)

●  Auto leveling technologic and high accuracy electronic bubble sensor
●   Wide leveling range and high accuracy
●   Manual Leveling and anti wind function,elevation warning
●   Vertical place to gerneration horizontal plane and 1 vertical line(with laser plummet)
●   Lie down place to gerneration vertical plane and 1 horizontal line
●   In common use rotation speed and Region Scan function
●   Slope can be set by manual input or automatic
●   Remote can be operate all function
●   With user level calibration function, easy to calibration accuracy
●   Error indication by LED, easy to trouble shooting
●   High performance Lithuim Battery, Long Operation time
●   12V DC external power. Adapt to various applications.
●   Water proof and dust proof
●   Anti shock design by Rubber coating
●   Strong and reliable Aluminium base