LT-800 Automatic Rotating Flat Laser

Technical Details
Standard features include fast self-leveling and HI laser disturbed alert.
Standard package includes CR3 laser sensor and rod clamp.

Latec LT-800 Specifications:
Range (Radius): Up to 2,400’ (731 m)*
Accuracy: 10 arc seconds
Self-leveling Range: 3 degrees
Rotation Speed: 60, 300, 600, 750 rpm
Power: 4 C Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life: Approx. 60 hrs
Dimensions: 6.5L x 7.1W x 7.4H
Weight: 4.1 lbs w/Batteries

Latec CR3 Laser Detector
The full-featured CR3 laser detector has dual-sided LCD displays and audible singles to guide you to grade. Attach the laser sensor to a grade rod and you have fast, accurate gradesetting and checking.

Latec CR3 Specifications
Beam detection window: 45mm / 1.73in
Beam detection precision: High precision: ±1mm / Normal precision: ±2mm
Beam detection indication: Liquid crystal (both sides) and buzzer
Power supply: 9v dry cell battery x1
Operating time: Approx. 35 hours
Auto shut-off delay: Approx. 20 min without beam detection
Water and dust resistance: IP65
Operating temperature: -20˚C / -4˚F to +50˚C / 122˚F
Weight:   196g / 6.91oz

The Latec LT-800 has a host of World-Leading features at an unbeatable price; it’s the perfect general construction laser for any contractor’s needs.

Once you see the LT-800 for yourself, you’ll know right away it’s the best value in general construction lasers today. With impressive technology and an affordable price, you’ll definitely want to put it to work for you!


  • Fully automatic self-leveling
  • Height of instrument alert (HI alert)
  • 2,400 foot (731 m) operating diameter (with machine control receiver)
  • Machine control compatible
  • 10 arc second accuracy
  • 635nm visible red beam